and support your employer through these challenging times

Is your productivity working from home identical to your output when you are working in the office?

Accessibility - can your employer or colleagues reach you at any time within your normal working hours the way they would if you were working in the office?

  • Does everyone have your cell number?
  • Do you have a work station (or office set up) from home?
  • Are you on your office slack channels or companywide IM?
  • Are you tuned into the project on which you’re working, and to the rest of your colleagues and teammates ensuring steady and regular communication and progression in daily workflow?

Accountability - is your daily work logged and tracked so that your employer doesn’t lose any goods, materials or work created and executed?

  • How are you tracking your work?
  • If your client asked in a moment’s notice to produce a log of your hours (aside from your timecard) how would you show them?
  • Can you track the hour by hour tasks on which you’re working and tie it to productivity forward?

Attendance - are you starting and ending your workday at the same time you arrive and leave at the office?

  • Can you ensure that you are disciplined to work a full 8 hour day without distraction from home?
  • Do you have a daily schedule and routine to which you are adhering as though you were in the office?

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