The Agency Worx  places great value on our working relationships with our candidate community.  The success and happiness of the talent who we represent and place in jobs, is what keeps our world going 'round and 'round.  Communication and collaboration are the keys to a successful partnership.  

What type of candidates do we place?  
What jobs do we see often?  
How does our process work?

Read further and let all of your questions be answered...





Nothing would make us happier than to place you! Lets start here with SOME of what we do:

Digital and Web Design
Product Development 
Planning & Allocations
Creative Services
Technical Design
Sales and Operations
Project Management
Traffic and Production
Studio Art Direction
Photo retouching
Sample Tracking

Apparel & Accessories Design
Marketing and Advertising
Merchandising and E-commerce
Packaging and Graphic Design
Administrative & Executive Asst
Copywriting and Editing
Textiles, Fabric and Color
Sales and Operations
Strategic & Digital Marketing
Reception and Data Entry
and that's just not all...


Now that you know what we do, tell us what you do...



Don't wait, be in touch!

We guarantee strong listening, open communication and the utmost kindness and professionalism.  We ask the same from you. Make The Agency Worx  a resource for your job search.  Stay in touch with us.  Ask about the jobs we have available and always keep the lines of communication open with us.  We promise to work earnestly and efficiently to match your skills and background to our inventory of roles that we have to fill.  We want you to win!